Doddle is a pay online customisable product that contains the functionality of the products; VZY DAMVZY EditVZY Social and VZY Screen. This is an independent price plan and is appropriate for retailers at Head office or Local level. Doddle gives you the flexibility to purchase the product online, follow the online tutorials and teach yourself how to begin creating and managing digital assets independently. You can use Doddle for one month free of charge. To learn more about Doddle you can visit the website

On-Demand Features includes the following:
1. VZY DAM: This is the storage and distribution facility for up to 0.5TB of materials (Scalable storage available over 0.5TB).
2. VZY Edit: This is the Artwork / Template editing system and also a Manual editing system for Head office and local point of sale production.
3. VZY Social: Is our integrated production and delivery of content to social media platforms. VZY Social allows you to edit and create personalised content and seamlessly share with your Social Media sites.
4. VZY Screen: This feature allows you produce your own advertising screen content and deliver that content directly from the system to one or many screens in stores.