Team Collaboration Systems

Visual ID Team allows multiple team members to collaborate on the same project and contribute feedback and comments by way of an integrated annotation and versioning system. Visual ID Team works on a simple traffic light system denoting the stages of the process. Visual ID Team is the perfect product for any team who wants to communicate efficiently in real-time. Visual ID Team is an additional extra that can be added to the Visual ID Classic or Visual ID Premium price plans.

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Visual Team benefits:

  1. Comment, Annotate, Edit, Replace, Role backwards or forwards in real time speeding up the decision making process.
  2. Provides total control and tracking of a project.
  3. Accessible online and via any device.
  4. Secondary communication via email so no team member misses communiques.
  5. Simple to use system needing very little training.
  6. Eliminates the possibility of misinterpretation of information and eradicates time wasting.