How Visual ID slashed design costs


The Problem:

A leading Irish retail group runs 17 promotional cycles per year, each with over 300 pieces of artwork. This process was managed manually by their Design Agency, taking 3 weeks to complete each cycle. All data, images and approval transfers and sharing was grossly inefficient as every piece of material was manually designed, shared and approved. The costs associated with this process were huge.


The Visual ID Solution:

Product files, data and images are now securely stored on the digital asset management library, which is constantly updated by an association to the companies listing files. Images are requested automatically from suppliers or outside sources, for example Brandbank.
Promotional data is now easily uploaded to the system by a simple spreadsheet which contains a barcode reference. allowing the user to specify particular pre determined templates and create artwork individually or by batch. These templates can be shared, edited and approved online by marketing and then accessed by the printers and downloaded for print.


The Result:

The Client have eliminated their problem, introduced a more efficient workflow and huge savings have been achieved by eradicating design, storage and wastage costs.