[:en]Visual ID together with Athlone IT and DCU to develop smart product image recognition application for the Grocery Industry[:]

[:en]Visual ID have engaged in a €180,000 project together with Athlone IT and DCU to develop a smart stand-alone image recognition application for the grocery industry. This smart image recognition software will revolutionise how trading and marketing departments within brand owner and retail groups manage:

  1. The transfer of trading and marketing Images and data amongst themselves
  2. Streamline the marketing production workflows for print and digital outputs


The project is supported by Enterprise Ireland and funded by investment from an EI innovation partnership grant and funding from Visual ID. The timescale to produce a commercially viable application is 15 months with Visual ID confident that a beta version will be available within 12 months.

Visual ID are continuing on their innovative development strategy to assist all companies in the retail sector to operate more efficiently and reduce current operating costs associated with trading and marketing functions.[:]