Using Face Book Pages to Promote to your Consumers:

Social Media today has to be adopted by all businesses in one way or another. The uses of social media differ considerably whether you are in Business to Business or Business to consumer. Not wanting to jump into the whole area of advertising and pay for clicks, generating likes and shares on social media I’m just going to talk about my opinions on posting to your Social media sites be they Facebook Twitter Linked in or You Tube.

In Business to business content the tendency is to talk about your product in detail and in most instances this is the wrong approach. If someone needs product information they should go to your website. Social media for business is to impart useful related or in some instances unrelated information that your customer base may find useful. We tend to post industry newsworthy articles that deal with advancements in Digital media and the future of the industry, along with some totally zany local and interesting posts that we see as fun and interesting. Who wants to read boring tec talk all the time!!

Business to consumer is a different approach you have the opportunity to increase sales using you posts. Our retail clients use our product to seamlessly deliver promotional posts to their Facebook pages to promote anything from a lunch time meal offer to a new financial product. In retail or advisory business you have access to a waiting audience i.e. your shoppers, Customers, Members etc. These are the first people that you can target and increase sales organically by using targeted daily weekly and monthly campaigns to this audience.

Simple examples are:

Convenience retail customer: Posts a new lunch offer at 10.30 every morning to his Facebook members offering a money off a coffee or drink if they give the code on the Facebook post for that day. This encourages people to like and share the post and is targeted at the retailer’s followers who shop daily in the store.

Financial services client: Deadlines for Pension investment and management is at this time of year. This client uses among other things their social media platforms to encourage their clients to book a review well in advance of the deadline. This keeps the financial services client involved with their customer base and gives a percentage return on renewed connection and an opportunity to sell more financial products to their existing customer base.

This may be very simple examples of constructive use of social media but of  course if you don’t have a following then this is the first thing you need to address, but that is a whole different blog!!